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How does Stackin work?


Relationships with money are complicated and multifaceted. By focusing on your financial history, behaviors, and underlying beliefs, we're able to help you make positive actions to improve your relationship with money.  

Inspired by the Ford Financial Empowerment Model (FFEM), our approach to improving your relationship with money combines the development of your mindset through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—alongside other therapeutic interventions—and money-management skill development.

Through these tools, the Stackin app helps you achieve financial wellness:

  • We start with a money assessment to initiate a conversation about your current relationship with money to understand your thoughts, feelings, and goals.

  • We help you set, prioritize, and track your financial goals through in-app insights and money journaling.

  • We enable you to reach those financial goals faster by providing coaching and tailored content associated with your money beliefs. 

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