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What is Stackin's coaching?


Stackin connects you to a dedicated team of money coaches who can help you understand your money behaviors, prioritization action and discuss your relationship with money. 

Our money coaches will check in with you throughout the week to see how you’re feeling about your money, spending behaviors, financial goals, and more. 

If you have any questions or want to talk to your coach about anything regarding your financial situation, feel free to reach out and text us any time—we’ll be there to help you.


How long will it take for my money coach to respond?

All messages will be responded to within 48 hours of message delivery (not including weekends and holidays), with the majority of messages responded to in 24 hours or less.


What if my money coach hasn't responded?

Beacuse we're only human, sometimes we can miss some messages. If you haven't heard from your money coach in more than 48 hours, send an email to and we'll make sure your coach reaches out.

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