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Connecting to banks and financial institutions


Being mindful about how we use money is a key component in improving our relationship with it. Stackin securely consolidates all of your transactions across different banks and financial institutions so that you can see how you're using your money in one single app.

How do I connect my accounts to Stackin?

During the account creation process you'll be prompted to connect one or more of your banks/financial institutions to Stackin. 

In addition to this you can also connect to banks and financial institutions after creating an account by:

  1. Going to Settings.

  2. Under the Connected accounts section, tap Connect more accounts.

  3. Select Continue and follow the prompts to connect a new account.

Do I have to connect my accounts?

You do not have to connect your accounts to use Stackin. However key features - such as transaction tagging, spending insights - will be unavailable, and your coach will be limited in their ability to provide insight and guidance. 


Can I change my connect accounts?

Yes. You can add, remove or change your connected accounts at any time from the Settings page within the App.


Does Stackin keep my account data?

No, Stackin only has read access to your connected accounts and we will never see or store your bank password, or login details. Once you disconnect your bank accounts, we lose all viewing access to your accounts.


How does Stackin protect my information?

We use the same high level of data security and technologies as your bank and other finance apps like Mint. Your data is yours, and you can disconnect your accounts at any time.

Though we do not work with partners at the moment, we will never share your financial data or account information.

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